Eventough this was meant to be a beauty blog -which I tried to start a couple of times in the last couple of years- I will begin telling you why I am writting this at 3:35am on a Friday night.

Have you ever been -literally- surrounded by people you kinda know but still feel like the loneliest person in the world? That just happened. And it’s not my first time. Lucky me.

And I thought, why not run away from this crowdy club to my cozy bed and laptop to write everything that is going through my mind right now in that wordpress acount you created that long time ago?

I do not -by any means- consider myself a common 20-years-old girl, I find myself a special person (weird, I know), but by saying special i mean misunderstood or most of the time out of place. I am not a girl who wants to go out with her friends, maybe spend some time with her boyfriend, study a normal degree knowing her idilic future, and a girl who like being with people. But… What do you mean? Everybody likes being with people! Nope. Not me. Me, myself and I find people exhausting. Ok, ok. Not all of the people, but most of it, even myself. I feel that I have no power to control my own life. I easily get motivated, but I get unmotivated as much easy. I never finish anything or even begin it.

  • I will start a beauty blog. Lie.
  • I will start running. Lie.
  • I will stop snaking after dinner. Lie. (I am eating cookies right now)
  • I will work my ass off and be nice at the place I currently work (for free) to get them like me and get myself a job. Lie.
  • I will study for my tests with time and not stress out. Lie.

…and the list could go on forever.

I hope this will eventually become a beauty blog which is a passion of mine but for now this is what I needed to write down. As I said, I am not an average 20-years-old girl, I will write more about me eventually. 


Plum girl

PS_BTW, English is not my mother language, so I am very sorry about the many mistakes that are going to be on the entries. I will work on it, promise.


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